An Encounter with Cheese Cake

Read about the origins of Morozoff’s cheese cakes, which have been delivering the same delicious flavor for more than forty years.

An Encounter with Cheese Cake

Morozoff’s first encounter with the cheese cake that could be described as the origins of our Denmark Cream Cheese Cake was in May 1969, in the city of Berlin.

Back in the days when the Berlin Wall was still standing, then company president, Tomotaro Kuzuno, while on a business trip to Germany, casually ordered a cheese cake at a coffee house in Berlin, and he was astounded by how good it tasted. That exciting memory forged the beginnings of Morozoff’s Denmark Cream Cheese Cake.

Upon his return to Japan, Kuzuno embarked on research to come up with a commercial product that would live up to that memory.
After many test runs, he came up with what became the prototype of today’s Denmark Cream Cheese Cake.

For more than forty years since then, Morozoff has continued to deliver that same traditional flavor.